Health Directions

Employees and family members receive a discounted membership at Health Directions. We are a full-service wellness center featuring cardio and weight equipment as well as a wide variety of group fitness classes and personal training. Health Directions is located at 3239 Sunset Blvd. in West Columbia. 
Contact Health Directions at (803) 791-2113.


View Membership Rates for Employees, Volunteers, & Chaplains.



Health Directions Reimbursement Plan

Health Directions will reimburse an employee’s membership fees (up to $375) if you visit the Wellness Center at least 10 times per month for 12 consecutive months. Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions regarding the reimbursement plan.

Looking for a way to track your monthly visits to Health Directions?
Print off a copy of this calendar and use it as a fitness log.